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"Sceadugenga" means "Shadow-goer" (describing Grendel, in Beowulf)

Reverse Complement in perl

while (<>) {chomp;my $seq=reverse($_);$seq =~tr/aAcCgGtTrRyYsSwWkKmMbBvVhHdD/tTgGcCaAyYrRwWsSmMkKvVbBdDhH/;print $seq;}

Colon-question titles in PLOS One: how many can you read in a row?

(Only 0.58% of the titles are in this format)

Putative monofunctional type I polyketide synthase units: a dinoflagellate-specific feature?

The representation of risk in routine medical experience: what actions for contemporary health policy?

Single circulating tumor cell profiling: a new perspective for targeted therapy?

The submerged dyslexia iceberg: how many school children are not diagnosed? Results from an italian study.

A cross-sectional study of individuals seeking information on transient ischemic attack and stroke symptoms online: a target for intervention?

Soluble ST2 Associates with Diabetes but Not Established Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A New Inflammatory Pathway of Relevance to Diabetes?

Neonatal thyroid-stimulating hormone concentrations in belgium: a useful indicator for detecting mild iodine deficiency?

High Risk HPV Contamination of Endocavity Vaginal Ultrasound Probes: An Underestimated Route of Nosocomial Infection?

Complement depletion deteriorates clinical outcomes of severe abdominal sepsis: a conspirator of infection and coagulopathy in crime?

National Approaches to Monitoring Population Salt Intake: A Trade-Off between Accuracy and Practicality?

Hospital Door Handle Design and Their Contamination with Bacteria: A Real Life Observational Study. Are We Pulling against Closed Doors?

Correction: Body Size Evolution in Extant Oryzomyini Rodents: Cope’s Rule or Miniaturization?

Cryptic Diversity in the Ubiquist Species Parisotoma notabilis (Collembola, Isotomidae): A Long-Used Chimeric Species?

Whole-depth change in bovine zona pellucida biomechanics after fertilization: how relevant in hindering polyspermy?

Predator-induced fleeing behaviors in phytoplankton: a new mechanism for harmful algal bloom formation?

Neural Substrates for Semantic Memory of Familiar Songs: Is There an Interface between Lyrics and Melodies?

Development of SCN Connectivity and the Circadian Control of Arousal: A Diminishing Role for Humoral Factors?

Intracerebral hemorrhages in adults with community associated bacterial meningitis in adults: should we reconsider anticoagulant therapy?

Accurate blood flow measurements: are artificial tracers necessary?

Is telomere length a biomarker for aging: cross-sectional evidence from the west of Scotland?

Evaluating Caveolin Interactions: Do Proteins Interact with the Caveolin Scaffolding Domain through a Widespread Aromatic Residue-Rich Motif?

Born in an alien nest : how do social parasite male offspring escape from host aggression?

The dose-response decrease in heart rate variability: any association with the metabolites of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in coke oven workers?

BRCA1/2 Mutations Appear Embryo-Lethal Unless Rescued by Low (CGG n<26) FMR1 Sub-Genotypes: Explanation for the “BRCA Paradox”?

Anti-Mullerian Hormone Serum Values and Ovarian Reserve: Can It Predict a Decrease in Fertility after Ovarian Stimulation by ART Cycles?

Cytokine balance in human malaria: does Plasmodium vivax elicit more inflammatory responses than Plasmodium falciparum?

Are plasma biomarkers of immune activation predictive of HIV progression: a longitudinal comparison and analyses in HIV-1 and HIV-2 infections?

Marine mammal impacts in exploited ecosystems: would large scale culling benefit fisheries?

Cholera outbreak in Senegal in 2005: was climate a factor?

The relationship between respiration-related membrane potential slow oscillations and discharge patterns in mitral/tufted cells: what are the rules?

Nectar theft and floral ant-repellence: a link between nectar volume and ant-repellent traits?

Sex allocation in California oaks: trade-offs or resource tracking?

Measuring nepotism through shared last names: are we really moving from opinions to facts?

The honey bee parasite Nosema ceranae: transmissible via food exchange?

Angular oscillation of solid scatterers in response to progressive planar acoustic waves: do fish otoliths rock?

Viewing loved faces inhibits defense reactions: a health-promotion mechanism?

Look what I am doing: does observational learning take place in evocative task-sharing situations?

How to design a targeted agricultural subsidy system: efficiency or equity?

Vaccination with embryonic stem cells protects against lung cancer: is a broad-spectrum prophylactic vaccine against cancer possible?

p14ARF post-transcriptional regulation of nuclear cyclin D1 in MCF-7 breast cancer cells: discrimination between a good and bad prognosis?

Perfectionism and anxiety: a paradox in intellectual giftedness?

Adrenomedullin in ovarian cancer: foe in vitro and friend in vivo?

XMRV induces cell migration, cytokine expression and tumor angiogenesis: are 22Rv1 cells a suitable prostate cancer model?

Is an idea different from cake: can you have it and eat it, too? A violation of permanence in information consumption.

Fluid flow along venous adventitia in rabbits: is it a potential drainage system complementary to vascular circulations?

Between order and disorder: a ‘weak law’ on recent electoral behavior among urban voters?

Mating plugs in polyandrous giants: which sex produces them, when, how and why?

To beg, or not to beg? That is the question: mangabeys modify their production of requesting gestures in response to human’s attentional states.

Infant rule learning: advantage language, or advantage speech?

Thermal stress promotes host mitochondrial degradation in symbiotic cnidarians: are the batteries of the reef going to run out?

SkilledBirth Attendants: who is who? A descriptive study of definitions and roles from nine Sub Saharan African countries.

Hypoglycemia in non-diabetic in-patients: clinical or criminal?

Dysregulation of cytokine response in Canadian First Nations communities: is there an association with persistent organic pollutant levels?

Endotoxaemia in haemodialysis: a novel factor in erythropoetin resistance?

Indirect genetic effects and the spread of infectious disease: are we capturing the full heritable variation underlying disease prevalence?

The haptic recognition of geometrical shapes in congenitally blind and blindfolded adolescents: is there a haptic prototype effect?

Geographic inequalities in all-cause mortality in Japan: compositional or contextual?

Brain activity in fairness consideration during asset distribution: does the initial ownership play a role?

Wild-type phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthase (PRS) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis: a bacterial class II PRS?

Effects of fou8/fry1 mutation on sulfur metabolism: is decreased internal sulfate the trigger of sulfate starvation response?

Sputum smear microscopy at two months into continuation-phase: should it be done in all patients with sputum smear-positive tuberculosis?

When cytokinin, a plant hormone, meets the adenosine A2A receptor: a novel neuroprotectant and lead for treating neurodegenerative disorders?

Immune responses to plague infection in wild Rattus rattus, in Madagascar: a role in foci persistence?

The physiology and proteomics of drought tolerance in maize: early stomatal closure as a cause of lower tolerance to short-term dehydration?

Urban biodiversity, city-dwellers and conservation: how does an outdoor activity day affect the human-nature relationship?

HIV/AIDS, food supplementation and livelihood programs in Uganda: a way forward?

The diversity of coral reefs: what are we missing?

The hot (invisible?) hand: can time sequence patterns of success/failure in sports be modeled as repeated random independent trials?

The level and nature of autistic intelligence II: what about Asperger syndrome?

Breeding without breeding: is a complete pedigree necessary for efficient breeding?

Climate change and American Bullfrog invasion: what could we expect in South America?

Protein glycosylation in Helicobacter pylori: beyond the flagellins?

Calling by concluding sentinels: coordinating cooperation or revealing risk?

Global burden of double malnutrition: has anyone seen it?

Implications of advancing paternal age: does it affect offspring school performance?

Astrocyte-derived tissue transglutaminase interacts with fibronectin: a role in astrocyte adhesion and migration?

Using noun phrases for navigating biomedical literature on Pubmed: how many updates are we losing track of?

Prisoners in their habitat? Generalist dispersal by habitat specialists: a case study in southern water vole (Arvicola sapidus).

DHA supplemented in peptamen diet offers no advantage in pathways to amyloidosis: is it time to evaluate composite lipid diet?

Ecosystem services in conservation planning: targeted benefits vs. co-benefits or costs?

Lipopolysaccharide-binding protein for monitoring of postoperative sepsis: complemental to C-reactive protein or redundant?

Variation in community structure across vertical intertidal stress gradients: how does it compare with horizontal variation at different scales?

Variability of female responses to conspecific vs. heterospecific male mating calls in polygynous deer: an open door to hybridization?

Modeling HIV/AIDS drug price determinants in Brazil: is generic competition a myth?

Natural history, microbes and sequences: shouldn’t we look back again to organisms?

Paradoxical regulation of human FGF21 by both fasting and feeding signals: is FGF21 a nutritional adaptation factor?

Testing for spatial neglect with line bisection and target cancellation: are both tasks really unrelated?

The global burden of childhood coeliac disease: a neglected component of diarrhoeal mortality?

Investing in threatened species conservation: does corruption outweigh purchasing power?

The world’s rediscovered species: back from the brink?

Cat dilemma: too protected to escape trophy hunting?

The epidemic of hip fractures: are we on the right track?

The demographic benefits of belligerence and bravery: defeated group repopulation or victorious group size expansion?

H2S donor, S-propargyl-cysteine, increases CSE in SGC-7901 and cancer-induced mice: evidence for a novel anti-cancer effect of endogenous H2S?

Behavioral and endocrine consequences of simultaneous exposure to two different stressors in rats: interaction or independence?

The retrograde IFT machinery of C. elegans cilia: two IFT dynein complexes?

Population carrier rates of pathogenic ARSA gene mutations: is metachromatic leukodystrophy underdiagnosed?

Inhibition of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by cobra venom alpha-neurotoxins: is there a perspective in lung cancer treatment?

Twin Town in South Brazil: a Nazi’s experiment or a genetic founder effect?

Linking self-incompatibility, dichogamy, and flowering synchrony in two Euphorbia species: alternative mechanisms for avoiding self-fertilization?

Of black swans and tossed coins: is the description-experience gap in risky choice limited to rare events?

Sponge mass mortalities in a warming Mediterranean Sea: are cyanobacteria-harboring species worse off?

The stature of boys is inversely correlated to the levels of their sertoli cell hormones: do the testes restrain the maturation of boys?

Temporal anomalies in immunological gene expression in a time series of wild mice: signature of an epidemic?

Short-term memory maintenance of object locations during active navigation: which working memory subsystem is essential?

Comparative plasma lipidome between human and cynomolgus monkey: are plasma polar lipids good biomarkers for diabetic monkeys?

Reproductive declines in an endangered seabird: cause for concern or signs of conservation success?

Incongruence in doping related attitudes, beliefs and opinions in the context of discordant behavioural data: in which measure do we trust?

Monitoring procalcitonin in febrile neutropenia: what is its utility for initial diagnosis of infection and reassessment in persistent fever?

Methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus as a predominantly healthcare-associated pathogen: a possible reversal of roles?

Climate change or land use dynamics: do we know what climate change indicators indicate?

Regulated expression of ADAMTS-12 in human trophoblastic cells: a role for ADAMTS-12 in epithelial cell invasion?

Perceiving a stranger’s voice as being one’s own: a ‘rubber voice’ illusion?

Infliximab induces clonal expansion of gammadelta-T cells in Crohn’s disease: a predictor of lymphoma risk?

Soluble Flt-1 and PlGF: new markers of early pregnancy loss?

Achieving MDG 4 in sub-Saharan Africa: what has contributed to the accelerated child mortality decline in Ghana?

Stay tuned: what is special about not shifting attention?

Evidence of segregated spawning in a single marine fish stock: sympatric divergence of ecotypes in Icelandic cod?

Determinants of dwell time in visual search: similarity or perceptual difficulty?

Albatrosses following fishing vessels: how badly hooked are they on an easy meal?

H. pylori seropositivity before age 40 and subsequent risk of stomach cancer: a glimpse of the true relationship?

Segregation of fluorescent membrane lipids into distinct micrometric domains: evidence for phase compartmentation of natural lipids?

Enterohepatic helicobacter in ulcerative colitis: potential pathogenic entities?

Trust and reciprocity: are effort and money equivalent?

Changes in cationic selectivity of the nicotinic channel at the rat ganglionic synapse: a role for chloride ions?

Division of labor associated with brood rearing in the honey bee: how does it translate to colony fitness?

Genetic variation in spatio-temporal confined USA300 community-associated MRSA isolates: a shift from clonal dispersion to genetic evolution?

HPRT deficiency coordinately dysregulates canonical Wnt and presenilin-1 signaling: a neuro-developmental regulatory role for a housekeeping gene?

Successive cambia: a developmental oddity or an adaptive structure?

BCG vaccination: a role for vitamin D?

Transparent meta-analysis: does aging spare prospective memory with focal vs. non-focal cues?

Non-visual effects of light on melatonin, alertness and cognitive performance: can blue-enriched light keep us alert?

A non-Levy random walk in chacma baboons: what does it mean?

Orientation cues for high-flying nocturnal insect migrants: do turbulence-induced temperature and velocity fluctuations indicate the mean wind flow?

The enigmatic origin of bovine mtDNA haplogroup R: sporadic interbreeding or an independent event of Bos primigenius domestication in Italy?

Informed consent prior to coronary angiography in a real world scenario: what do patients remember?

Fat oxidation, fitness and skeletal muscle expression of oxidative/lipid metabolism genes in South Asians: implications for insulin resistance?

Ecomorph or endangered coral? DNA and microstructure reveal hawaiian species complexes: Montipora dilatata/flabellata/turgescens & M. patula/verrilli.

Combined mutation and rearrangement screening by quantitative PCR high-resolution melting: is it relevant for hereditary recurrent Fever genes?

Swarm intelligence in animal groups: when can a collective out-perform an expert?

Impaired growth and force production in skeletal muscles of young partially pancreatectomized rats: a model of adolescent type 1 diabetic myopathy?

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach: what about horses?

A preliminary investigation regarding the effect of tennis grunting: does white noise during a tennis shot have a negative impact on shot perception?

The potential of medical abortion to reduce maternal mortality in Africa: what benefits for Tanzania and Ethiopia?

Repetitive behaviours in patients with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome: tics, compulsions, or both?

Partners with bad temper: reject or cure? A study of chronic pain and aggression in horses.

Inverse pH regulation of plant and fungal sucrose transporters: a mechanism to regulate competition for sucrose at the host/pathogen interface?

Epistasis: obstacle or advantage for mapping complex traits?

Variability in echolocation call intensity in a community of horseshoe bats: a role for resource partitioning or communication?

Possession and usage of insecticidal bed nets among the people of Uganda: is BRAC Uganda Health Programme pursuing a pro-poor path?

Herbivore-specific, density-dependent induction of plant volatiles: honest or “cry wolf” signals?

Recent salmon declines: a result of lost feeding opportunities due to bad timing?

Autistic disorders and schizophrenia: related or remote? An anatomical likelihood estimation.

Assessing website pharmacy drug quality: safer than you think?

Tuberculosis management by private practitioners in Mumbai, India: has anything changed in two decades?

Indiscriminate males: mating behaviour of a marine snail compromised by a sexual conflict?

Unrelated helpers in a primitively eusocial wasp: is helping tailored towards direct fitness?

Light perception in two strictly subterranean rodents: life in the dark or blue?

Sustainable water management in the southwestern United States: reality or rhetoric?

Endoplasmic reticulum protein targeting of phospholamban: a common role for an N-terminal di-arginine motif in ER retention?

The fate of miRNA* strand through evolutionary analysis: implication for degradation as merely carrier strand or potential regulatory molecule?

Serum S100B: a potential biomarker for suicidality in adolescents?

In vitro vs in silico detected SNPs for the development of a genotyping array: what can we learn from a non-model species?

The GimA locus of extraintestinal pathogenic E. coli: does reductive evolution correlate with habitat and pathotype?

Novel weapons testing: are invasive plants more chemically defended than native plants?

Syndromic surveillance for local outbreaks of lower-respiratory infections: would it work?

Low acceptability of A/H1N1 pandemic vaccination in French adult population: did public health policy fuel public dissonance?

Editorial peer reviewers’ recommendations at a general medical journal: are they reliable and do editors care?

Captive housing during water vole (Arvicola terrestris) reintroduction: does short-term social stress impact on animal welfare?

Wolbachia age-sex-specific density in Aedes albopictus: a host evolutionary response to cytoplasmic incompatibility?

Vertebrate DNA in fecal samples from bonobos and gorillas: evidence for meat consumption or artefact?

Population hemoglobin mean and anemia prevalence in Papua New Guinea: new metrics for defining malaria endemicity?

High resolution niche models of malaria vectors in northern Tanzania: a new capacity to predict malaria risk?

Drinking and flying: does alcohol consumption affect the flight and echolocation performance of phyllostomid bats?

Brain switches utilitarian behavior: does gender make the difference?

Does modality of survey administration impact data quality: audio computer assisted self interview (ACASI) versus self-administered pen and paper?

School variation in asthma: compositional or contextual?

Tension at the surface: which phase is more important, liquid or vapor?

Alien invasive slider turtle in unpredicted habitat: a matter of niche shift or of predictors studied?

Bringing home the trash: do colony-based differences in foraging distribution lead to increased plastic ingestion in Laysan albatrosses?

One more piece in the VACV ecological puzzle: could peridomestic rodents be the link between wildlife and bovine vaccinia outbreaks in Brazil?

Evolution of asthma severity in a cohort of young adults: is there any gender difference?

Assessing risk in focal arboviral infections: are we missing the big or little picture?

Freezing of enkephalinergic functions by multiple noxious foci: a source of pain sensitization?

Re-shuffling of species with climate disruption: a no-analog future for California birds?

Playing charades in the fMRI: are mirror and/or mentalizing areas involved in gestural communication?

Eumycetozoa = Amoebozoa?: SSUrDNA phylogeny of protosteloid slime molds and its significance for the amoebozoan supergroup.

Nonlinear time series analysis of nodulation factor induced calcium oscillations: evidence for deterministic chaos?

Cortisol-induced masculinization: does thermal stress affect gonadal fate in pejerrey, a teleost fish with temperature-dependent sex determination?

GWAS meets microarray: are the results of genome-wide association studies and gene-expression profiling consistent? Prostate cancer as an example.

Relativity theory and time perception: single or multiple clocks?

Ligation of alpha-dystroglycan on podocytes induces intracellular signaling: a new mechanism for podocyte effacement?

The novel “genomic pathway approach” to complex diseases: a reason for (over-)optimism?

HIV-1 superinfection in the antiretroviral therapy era: are seroconcordant sexual partners at risk?

Familial resemblance of borderline personality disorder features: genetic or cultural transmission?

I’ve been using the EMBOSS suite for years, but I just figured out what “wossname” means…

This is the best picture I could take of the eclipse…

RT @neiltyson: Need a distraction today? Not only does 12+1=11+2, but the letters “twelve plus one” rearrange to give you “eleven plus two”

RT @ggreenwald: George Orwell wrote in one paragraph everything there is to know about screeching over Evil Iran:

Quicksilver was feeling saucy that day.

Quicksilver was feeling saucy that day.